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Erk Metal

Characteristic that differs stainless steel from other steels is inherent in its own alloy. You can tell its strength and charisma by apprehending its integrity and feeling the rhythm of its structure. Thus you can see its image by the clear radiance. You can touch its matter and shape it.

Likewise differing characteristic of Erk Metal Ltd. from others in the sector is determination in business, industrial discipline, its own organisation culture and human source that create these diversities.

Erk Metal Ltd.  was founded in Eskisehir in 1994 by Dr. Nail SULAR. Besides his academic estate, his dynamic and far-sighted characteristic distinguished a corporate identity to the company.

Till its foundation Erk Metal has expanded the market area by fast service, reliable and qualified products. The Firm founded warehouses and sales offices in Antalya in 1996 and in İzmit in 1997.

Due to the Sector dynamics the firm always give importance to product quality and quality insurance, so has become one of the most reliable addresses of the stainless steel.

Erk Metal aims to maintain its mission in the sector as providing the qualified materials in time by its fast and reliable service and information assistance.